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Cancer Surgery

Any cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking. At The Vet Clinic, we do everything we can to remove the cancer and extend or improve the quality of life for your pet. All our services are provided under one roof for your convenience.

Cancer Surgery For Pets

Skin masses are a type of cancer that often affects our pets. When caught early they can be successfully treated.

Cancer Surgery For Dogs & Cats

Splenic tumours are often seen in older dogs, usually beginning as a large mass within the liver or spleen before spreading rapidly.

Pet Cancer Surgery Cost
These tumours are single or multiple masses in the mammary glands of cats and dogs – most commonly in animals who weren’t desexed.
Cancer Surgery For pets
This cancer only appears on the non-pigmented areas of the ears and nose of white cats. Though highly invasive, it’s slow to spread.


Though not all cancers are malignant, we thoroughly examine each tumour or mass to determine the best course of action. Removal of the cancer is often recommended, as this can reduce further risks and curb any pain your pet may be experiencing.

If your pet has Osteosarcoma, then amputation is often the ideal solution to decrease the likelihood of further spreading – and to quickly control the pain. Thankfully, most pets adjust to amputation remarkably well, and are often already able to walk out of our hospital without assistance, only a few days after surgery.

We work closely with you to ensure you can have as long as possible with your pet following treatment, allowing you to make many more precious memories. Ongoing treatment plans will be unique to you and your pet.