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Please note that we are receiving a high number of cattery booking requests at the moment. If you would like to request a booking for your cat, please call us on (09) 948 2880.

About the Boarding Cattery

Our Botany Cattery is a modern, custom-built boarding facility where your feline babies will enjoy all the comforts of home during their stay. We offer best cattery services and take pride in giving special care to our lovely guests.

We are a premium, non-communual cattery at south auckland which includes individual sleeping units, mordern cat climbers and relaxing lounging spots up high with a view of the whole room. With their own TV to keep them entertained during the day and calming music for their bedtime, your babies will enjoy their holiday with best cattery in auckland as much as you enjoy yours with our best cattery services.

With the added peace of mind of experienced vets and vet nurses to closely monitor your feline family and a hospital on site, your cat will have the very best care we can offer with best cattery services south auckland. Our monitoring regime/protocol not only covers food and water intake but also litter tray habits, any medication required and stay. Our on-site Veterinarians will assess any concerns during the stay and contact you should any treatment or further diagnostics be required.

For the ultimate peace of mind and the finest care for your cherished companions, choose The Vet Clinic – the best cattery South Auckland.


Welcome to Botany Cattery, your premier destination for top-notch cattery services for your beloved feline friends. Located in South Auckland, our modern, custom-built facility offers a luxurious retreat for your cats while you’re away.

As a cat cattery services in South Auckland offering cattery services for cats near you, we prioritize individualized care and comfort. Our spacious sleeping units, modern cat climbers, and elevated lounging spots provide the perfect setting for your pets to relax and play. Each unit is equipped with a TV for daytime entertainment and soothing music for bedtime relaxation.

At Botany Cattery, we understand the importance of peace of mind. That’s why our experienced vets and vet nurses closely monitor your cat’s well-being throughout their stay. With a hospital onsite, we ensure that your pet receives the highest quality cattery services & utmost care possible. Our comprehensive monitoring protocol covers everything from food and water intake to litter tray habits and any required medication.

For those searching for the best cattery clinic near me at an affordable cattery service cost, look no further than Botany Cattery. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your furry companions will enjoy a holiday as delightful as yours. Contact us today to book your best cattery service with us!


All cats must have the current vaccination FELINE 3-IN-1 effective against Infectious Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus. Please ensure your cats have been vaccinated within the last 12 months. If applicable, yearly boosters can be provided on arrival. Please ensure all three initial boosters have been completed for Kittens prior to their stay. Please bring the vaccination certificate / card with you as we are unable to accept the cats unless it is confirmed they are vaccinated. Due to any potential risk to other guests, unvaccinated cats will not be accepted.


All cats must be up to date with flea & worm treatment prior to boarding. Regular checks will be done for parasites during the stay; if found, the cat will be treated at the owner’s expense.

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Meal/Speciality Diets

A premium selection of food is provided for your convenience. However, please feel free to provide your cat’s favourite food or a special diet. Depending on your cat’s needs, kitten, adult, senior and prescription food is available.


Should your cat be on any treatment at the time of their stay, our qualified team of veterinarians/ nurses can administer these as required and will keep accurate medical records. Please supply the medication for your cat at the admission time. An additional charge is $3.00 per cat/ day to administer each medication.


We require all cats over 6 months of age to be desexed for boarding. This allows a peaceful environment for all our boarders. Please advise our staff ahead of or at the time of checking in your kitten if you believe they may be in heat.


A premium HRV system ensures filtered air fills the cattery at all times, helping to maintain a consistent temperature, and eliminating excess moisture and airborne pathogens.


For the most comfortable stay possible, we have installed low-stress boarding cages. The sleeping unit is fitted with Feliway-infused bedding, a blanket & a hideaway box. Feliway-infused bedding will help our guests settle in easily and be more relaxed away from home. Please feel free to bring in your cat’s favourite toy or blanket/ small bedding. All belongings need to be clearly labelled.

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Why Choose Our Cattery services in south auckland?

Accommodation to suit – Low-stress cages & Feliway-infused bedding will keep the guests calm and comfortable. We have exciting activities in the colourful play area for our playful cats. Pet sofas, plush houses with hideaway boxes for our shy or more introverted guests.

Amazing rates –  Competitive boarding charges accompany our onsite vet staff.

Transport service to the local area – We understand that not everyone can bring their furry friend to us, so we are happy to offer a transport service for those in our local area who require it. There will be extra charges for this service.

Hygiene – Being part of our facility, you can be assured the cattery room will receive the same high level of stringent cleaning as our vet hospital, including the usage of the same hospital-grade disinfection methods and products.

Quality Care- Your cat/s deserves to relax and be happy while you are away. Our experienced, cat-loving staff will give the best care and pamper your furry friends during their stay with us. Health checks (nose to tail) will be performed during their stay. Daily monitoring of all aspects including toileting will be recorded. Your baby will be fed super premium food unless preferred or a prescription diet is provided.
On-site Veterinary Services- The on-site team of Veterinarians and Vet Nurses will address any health issues that may arise. After-hours Vet care will be provided by the facility if required. No rushing to the Vets which will save travel costs and critical time. The treatment costs are to be covered by the owner.
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Booking Deposit

Bookings made outside of peak times (Christmas/New Year) require a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Long-term stays over 30 days outside of peak times (Christmas/New Year) require a deposit of 30%, with weekly automatic payments.

Bookings made during the Christmas/New Year period of 20th Dec until 15th Jan require a non-refundable deposit of $100 paid by 30th October. Bookings taken during this period are required to be a minimum of 7 days. Long-term stays over 30 days during the peak season (Christmas/New Year) require a deposit of 50%, with weekly automatic payments.

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